A state of being ‘Alone’ and not lonely, is solitude..That feeling of revelling yourself and within yourself is solitude- It is by Will, it is by choice..It is a soul’s holiday, a realisation of its presence, an opportunity to stop doing for others and to entertain one’s own self instead. It is that moment of Introspection, The art of self-talking. It is that act of ‘not’ using others for cockery.

Solitude divulges us to that magic moment which gives us the ability and powers to enable us to do miracles. To me, Solitude is not the absence of Love or the absence of company, but the moment when our soul is free to communicate to us, strengthen us and prepare us to unitedly face the world- A Union of ones own Body and soul. We entangle ourselves in horde of social ties distancing us from ourselves.

Fortunate are those who can embrace solitude because, One enters solitude, when one loses loneliness. A vast world lies hidden in our soul, waiting to be discovered. There it is, with all its strength and powers waiting for us recognise its being.


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